Shanghai - Germany

Why is the headquarter and workshop of Gora Klingen Manufaktur in Shanghai, China? The graduate engineer and founder of the Gora Klingen Manufaktur has lived in China since 2010 and in Shanghai since 2015. His hobby became a passion for Michael Gora: restoring old, antique razors. Pure handcraft.

At the antique and craft markets between the skyscrapers of China's largest city he always finds little treasures: blanks with the imprints of forgotten workshops; blades that were polished by hand in water-powered grinding pots 100 years ago; handle scales with the patina of decades.

His love of history and the craft turned into more. In 2016 Michael Gora developed his first own shaving set.

German Engineering in China

He created the first design for it on paper. He continued with a computer to give his vision a shape. He tried. He discarded ideas. He developed traditional methods until he held his first shaving set in his hands.

The first and second steps were followed by others. Today the Gora Klingen Manufaktur is known among connoisseurs far beyond Shanghai. For the best result the Gora Klingen Manufaktur also uses modern technologies such as 3D software.

Work steps can be automated and made more efficient and faster. But the question is always what is beneficial to the value of the product. That is why most of the development and production at Gora Klingen Manufaktur is done by hand.
An Unique Method

Every razor from Gora Klingen Manufaktur is developed, designed and documented by handcraft and German engineering.

One of the most important steps is the right surface finish. For processing Michael Gora uses a traditional method that is used in the manufacture of knife handles.

Wood and horn are neither lacquered nor sealed as this would close the surface of these natural materials. Gora Klingen Manufaktur treats and polishes them with a mixture of oil, grease, lubricating gel and black soap.

Handcraft as Creative Meditation

This tincture protects the material from water and yet it allows it to breathe. This is how Michael Gora achieves a silky, uniquely shiny polish. The assembly is done by hand during which he carefully checks each workpiece. Each movement of his hands gets his full attention.
In addition to the right blade a good shaving brush for applying lather to the beard hairs is part of a classic shave. Shape and material of a shaving brush cause more discussion among connoisseurs than the razor itself.

The Gora Klingen Manufaktur has chosen a fine badger hair. This is one of the best high-class hairs for a brush. It is gentle to the skin, water-repellent and therefore foams up the shaving soap wonderfully thanks to its structure.

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