Material Overview

This is an overview of the materials we use to assist you to find your favorite. Please keep in mind that horns and woods grow naturally. Depending on the pictures of our shop a razor or leather may look different when you unpack it. If you know exactly what you want please feel free to contact us. Let us know what you have in mind. We will send you pictures of a range of items for you specific choice. 

All woods are satined. The horn is polished. We give the horn and the wood a protection with natural oil. We do not use a coating in order to let these natural materials breathe.


An elegant and dense wood, heavy and hard. The color can vary from pitch black to a bit brighter brownblack with a visible grain.



A hard red-brown wood with a fine grain. It is also known as "Agatthis Alba", a species of plant in the araucaria family native to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Walnut Wood

One of our new favorites. Walnut wood is a noble and an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical wood. It has a brown colored grain and interesting structures.



In Germany plumwood has traditionally been used for knife and cuterly handles for centuries. Its colors range from brown-orange to orange-yellow to orange with light beige tones.

Horn (Black Cow)

This horn originates from a black cow. Its black base color with few grains or other interesting color variations gives every item an unique appearance. In comparision to wood horn appears shinier. Perfect for a classic and elegant style.

Horn (Yak)

The horn of the yak varies a lot in its color. Therefore every item is a very special piece of handcraft. Its color can range from orange-beige to light green with brownish color variations.